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Learn to Dream Project

Created by ITCA World, Learn To Dream is essentially a Topper reactivation and recycling programme.

Due to its unique Polypropylene injection moulded construction, Toppers can be recycled up to 4 times, are highly durable, require little maintenance and can be brought back up to specification even after several decades of use. Redundant boats from affluent nations that can be reactivated are sent in their ‘raw state’ alongside reactivation kits to partner amateur sports clubs and trusts located in countries designated as Emerging Nations by World Sailing. Charities such as the Skipper Foundation in Mossel Bay, South Africa are doing great work with 60 disadvantaged youngsters from local townships, not only teaching them to sail but also providing valuable life skills, ensuring they complete their education within a caring environment.

Training is given to the partner amateur clubs or trusts and their underprivileged sailors on how to reactivate the boats, whilst also providing them with work experience and skills transfers that can ultimately lead to a career in marine engineering or boatbuilding.

Reactivated boats could then be sold by the partner amateur clubs / trusts to grow the Topper fleet locally and any profit retained by the partner organisation to help fund their charitable works in getting more underprivileged young people into sailing.

Watch how to reactivate a Topper
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Help Us Recycle

Recycle and reactivate unwanted Toppers at your club to help teach others to sail in Emerging Nations by contacting the Learn to Dream team.

Donate a sail.

We are also collecting ex-race sails that still have some good life left in them to power reactivated boats. Please get in touch if you have recently upgraded a sail and wish to donate the previous one - it would be much appreciated - thank you!

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Recently the Skipper Foundation received a second shipment of 12 redundent hulls donated by individuals and UK sailing schools. The charity is now running workshop sessions to teach the sailors to ‘re-life’ the boats, reactivating the hulls and fitting them out with new rigs. Some of the boats they can then sell onto to help build the Topper class locally in South Africa, to help get more youngsters like themselves into sailing and on their way to a more positive future.

If you have a redundent Topper and cpuld donate it to a developing fleet in Africa, please contact the Secretary.