12 March 2020

New Topper 6.4 rig launched at the RYA Dinghy Show

Topper International this week launches the new Topper 6.4.  Unveiled at the RYA Dinghy Show in London, the 6.4 rig is the product of two years of development and testing, and completes the Topper family alongside the standard 5.3 rig and the smaller 4.2 rig.

The introduction of the new 6.4m2 radial Topper sail and accompanying rig gives sailors the opportunity to continue sailing and racing in the Topper class for longer. For the standard Topper 5.3 sail, sailors commonly range between 47 - 65kg, with the 4.2 sail providing racing for smaller/younger sailors. The 6.4 sail provides more power and performance, making it ideal for older, stronger, larger, more experienced sailors 65kg+.

It is very simple to upgrade from the 5.3 to the 6.4, with no need to change any controls. All that is required is the new radial cut, battened 6.4 mainsail and a longer top mast section. To optimise performance of the new rig there are some optional extra parts available including an epoxy fibreglass rudder blade, a collar to raise the boom and a shorter boom section. 

Topper International are launching the new 6.4 sail and rig with a limited introductory offer open to the 1st October of £699.00 inc. VAT, including all the optional extras, with kits available for delivery from mid-September 2020 - a saving £294 off the RRP.

The new 6.4 rig is an exciting addition to the Topper family. The Topper is an iconic boat which has proven its performance and resilience over 40 years, with nearly 50,000 Toppers worldwide. The addition of the 6.4 rig to this Internationally recognised class makes the Topper a boat to sail, enjoy and compete in throughout your lifetime.

The International Topper - the boat for life!

For further information contact:

Rick Reading, Sales Director Topper International


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