06 November 2020

New 4.2 Sail technical clarification.

Topper 4.2 Sail clarification:

As you may be aware, Topper International in conjunction with Hyde sails has been developing a new Topper 4.2 sail.  An initial batch of around 45 sails was approved for sale and released earlier this year.

Whilst overall the sail conforms to the necessary specifications, it has come to our attention that the dimensions of the sail panels and the orientation of the clew reinforcement patch on the sails in this batch mean that it is impossible for sailors to number their sails in accordance with the ITCA Topper Class Rules. The design of the sail has now been revised to facilitate the correct placement of numbers. All future 4.2 sails will be produced to the revised design.

It is important to stress that the overall dimension of the sails produced in the initial batch is identical to the overall dimensions of the revised sails. Therefore the sails from the initial batch offer neither a performance advantage nor disadvantage. 

With this in mind, it has been agreed between Topper International Limited and ITCA (World) that for a ‘limited period’ the initial batch of sails will be accepted at equipment inspection and will be considered class legal for racing. This ‘limited period’ shall extend until the final day of racing at the Topper World Championships in 2023. After this date the initial batch of sails will no longer be considered class legal for racing.

So in a spirit of fairness, until after the last day of racing at the Topper World Championships 2023 NO 4.2 sails will be subjected to detailed sail measurement at competitions and the only requirement to race with a 4.2 sail will be that the sail shall carry the makers identification mark and that the sail numbers, event (championship) number and national letters where required by the competition are clearly visible and easily read.

5.3 sails are unaffected by the above and they will continue to be subject to detailed sail measurement at World Championships and other events as required.

Richard Glynn

Vice-President Technical

ITCA (World)

Dated 06/11/2020


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