21 April 2023

International Topper Revised Specification and Class Rules Changes, April 2023

A letter from the Commodore has recently been sent out to all national ITCA Class Associations clarifying the current position on the latest Class Rules, which are available from the Class Rules and Guidance section of the website 

Read the letter here.

Please take note of the guidance on Class Rule C.5.5.5, which will be rigorously applied at all events. 

Until the approval has been received from World Sailing, the Class Rules as written and approved by World Sailing in January this year are still valid and should be applied for all official National Class Association events. For example, Class Rule C.5.5.5 states: 

  1. a) The sail clew outhaul arrangement may be replaced or altered, subject to it being a block and tackle system of maximum mechanical advantage of 4:1, attached to the sail clew by an asymmetric carbine hook / carabiner rendering it immediately detachable. 

The carbine hook has to attach to the clew as shown in the picture below, not to the clew hook, there are important safety reasons for this rule and permitting the attachment to the clew hook is not allowed and should not be accepted during racing. 

sail clew outhaul arrangement



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