25 August 2021

Green Pass required for visitors to Italy for ITCA Worlds 2022.

Sailors and their families planning to compete in the International Topper Worlds 2022 will need to obtain a Green Pass (also known as the EU Digital COVID Certificate) to access many leisure facilities if the latest requirements brought in by the Italian authorities are still in force next year.

Since August 6th 2021, it has been required to access leisure and recreational facilities, bringing Italy into line with other European countries, such as France. Examples of establishments where a Green Pass is required include indoor dining in restaurants and bars, as well as (but not limited to) gyms, museums, festivals, theatres, and sports stadiums.

To get a Green Pass in Italy, you have to either:

  • be vaccinated (the pass is valid for 270 days)
  • be fully recovered from covid (the pass is valid for 180 days)
  • test negative following an antigenic or molecular swab test (this pass only valid for 48 hours)

The good news is this should be relatively easy to acquire before you travel to lake Garda, for US, UK and EU citizens.

See the full details here  

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