ITCA World is now busy preparing for the 2022 World Championships in Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy at the Fraglia Della Vela Riva club. The dates for racing will be the 25-29th July 2022, with registration opening on Saturday 23rd July. Notice of Race available here.

Any sailors and their families planning to enter from countries designated to to be in the Italian Ministry of Health  Band E, (People's Republic of China) currently listed as 'essential travel only' can apply for a letter of invitation to help obtain an essential sport visa from the Secretary General

The current Covid requirements for travelling to Italy for the Topper Worlds are regularly updated by CNN 

We have produced an initial event brochure which can be used to help promote the Championships in your region and if you are seeking local funding.

Enter the International Topper 5.3 and 4.2 World Championships now!

To whet your appetite for sailing at this world famous venue that is a must for all sailors' bucket list, a brief scene setting:  In the summer the winds in Garda usually follows a predictable pattern – global warming permitting! The mountainous and rocky Trentino region creates the katabatic and anabatic wind conditions Lake Garda is world famous for. During the night, the temperature on the mountains to the north drops, creating the ‘Peler’, a cool northerly wind that blows down from the mountains to the warmer Po valley to the south, beginning in the early hours and normally disappearing by 10.00 am. 

On a classic Lake Garda racing day, the decline of the Peler indicates that the new ‘Ora’ breeze is about to arrive. This is the warm southerly wind, emanating from the valleys at the bottom of the lake, rushing up to the rapidly heating mountains to the north. (Effectively like a sea breeze). The Ora increases dramatically in strength as it funnels between the cliffs, which narrow toward the top of the lake, producing the conditions many sailors travel from all around the world to enjoy. The breeze tends to be steady rather than gusty, with strength typically 18 knots but can be up to 25 or more!

Riva del Garda is situated at the north end of the lake, where the depth in the centre is over 300 metres. Courses are therefore necessarily laid either side of the lake, causing the shore effect to be the overriding strategic consideration in normal conditions.

Read our sailor's guide to racing on Lake Garda here.

Accommodation: There is plenty of accomodation available within easy walking distance of the venue in Riva del Garda, from hotels and B&B's to apartments and campsites. The nearest airports are Verona or Venice, then take the train to Rovereto (on the Brennero line), some 20 kilometers from Riva del Garda. Click here for the tourist information office. You can download a more detailed guide to accomodation around Riva here.

Online Entry: Entry is now open here.

Charter Boat Information: We plan to have a small number of boats available for charter to sailors from WS designated Emerging Nations and North America, on a first comers basis, once entry has been received. Full details of how they can be booked are available at from the Secretary General.

Coach Boat hire: Coach boats are available to hire locally, but privately owned boats must have a license to be used on Lake Garda and meet stringent local emissions controls. A limited number of RIBs are available to hire from the club on a first comers basis, at a cost of 130€ plus fuel. To register for a coach boat contact the Event Secretary.

Travel to Garda: The nearest airports are Verona or Venice, then take the train to Rovereto (on the Brennero line), some 20 kilometers from Riva del Garda.

For those driving, RB Sport Travel is a specialist sailing ferry booking service with many years experience in booking travel for sailing championships and offers very competative rates. 

Things To Do In Garda: Apart from being a watersports paradise for sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and paddleboarding, Garda and the Tarentino region is famous for great walking and cycling routes, as well as exceptional food and drink. Regular ferries offer the ideal low cost route to visit the other towns and villages that border the lake, such as Limone and Malcesine. 

Topper 6.4 Europeans 2022



The first Topper 6.4 European Championship will also be run alongside the 2022 Topper Worlds - the perfect option for those sailors who may have missed out on the Covid 19 affected 2020 & 2021 world championships and have since outgrown the standard Topper 5.3 rig. 

There will be other recent Topper graduates and no doubt some parents who will take the opportunity to return to the class with a 6.4 rig, in order not to miss the chance to race on the picturesque Lake Garda.

Topper International has generously offered to make twenty 6.4 rigs available to borrow for the event, for those who can bring their own hull. Entry is now open here.

Racing will be held midweek, Tuesday to Thursday with two races a day - Notice of Race available here.


Enter the Topper 6.4 European Championship now!