Topper Daggerboard Repairs

Back in the mists of time (before Progrip and daggerboard elastic taken to the bow) daggerboard were held up with a piece of bungy cord that wrapped around the back of the daggerboard and located in the notches that you see there. These notches are no longer used and they do slow the boat down a bit.

Topper International (who make the Topper) are commissioning a new daggerboard mould and the new boards will not have any notches in them. These new boards will be a little faster and that would be unfair on sailors who have the old daggerboard. For this reason you are now allowed to fill in the notches on your old style board. It is a simple task.

Dave Cockerill, Vice President Training ITCA, has prepared step by step instructions which can be downloaded in PDF format below.

Also with the assistance of Rooster Sailing Solutions, a video has been prepared to assist, available at the following link.