Second Day of Competition at Ballyholme in the Rooster International Topper World Championships

The second day of racing at the Rooster International Topper World Championships was held on Tuesday. 

South Park Competitors prepare to launch at the Rooster Topper Worlds

All sailors were ashore yesterday by 17:30 and a dinner was provided by the event organisers so all the competitors were well rested and had plenty of energy for another day of very competitive racing.

Before going out on the water the sailors met for a competitors briefing. During this briefing they were advised to ensure they were eating and drinking plenty between races while out on the water. The competitors were out on the water for approximately six hours today so it is vital to stay hydrated and keep energy levels up. The briefing was concluded by wishing all the sailors good luck and telling them to have fun out on the water. 

The boats launched at around 11:00 and the first race began at around 12:00. In the 5.3 fleet, the first race of the day had to be postponed due to the wind conditions not remaining constant. Had the race been allowed to continue  it would have given an unfair advantage to some sailors. The competitors were out on the water for approximately six hours but were unable to complete any of the three scheduled races.

In the 4.2 class however the boats were able to find some steady wind. Going in to today's racing Max Yuang-Ngam from Thailand was leading in the 4.2 class. Max had another fantastic day of sailing today and has stayed ahead by the end of today. In the first race of the 4.2 class Max won and Great Britain's Curtis McKay came second.  In the second and final race of the day Max came second to Carina Chen of China.

Topper 4.2 sailor Max Yuang-Ngam from Thailand leads the 4.2 Fleet after day 2.

This year the competition delighted to welcome three sailors from the Phuket Youth Sailing Club (PYSC) in Thailand.  PYSC, set up by Katy and Paul Gooch,  is a non-profit charity that gives orphans and underprivileged children the opportunity to learn to sail. The three competitors Max, Paton and Toon have spent most of their lives in children's homes but the sport of sailing has given them hope for a brighter future.  

PYSC aims to build essential life skills and qualities for these children such as teamwork, leadership and confidence. And as many young sailors know there is no better sport than sailing for building character. The sport has opened up many opportunities to the young sailors such as the chance to travel to new places, meet new people and make friends. The mission of the club is encapsulated in their motto "learn life through sailing".

The International Topper Class Association (ITCA) invited the three Thai sailors to compete in the Worlds and Topper International have provided charter boats for use during the competition. The ITCA also provided a small grant to go cover the entry fee for the competitors.  Rooster, Title Sponsor for the Worlds, provided kit for the sailors, who normally sail in shorts and bare feet, sailing in much warmer conditions in Thailand.  Additional costs including accommodation, travel and visa fees were covered by generous donations from the Topper community through a fundraising page set up by Katy Chooch who runs the PYSC.

Giving young people opportunities like this and a chance to get involved in the sport of sailing is what the Topper Class is all about. We look forward to seeing how Max, Paton and Toon enjoy the rest of the week's racing.

Racing will continue tomorrow with the last day of the qualification series.

By Finn Purdy 

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Competitors at the start of a 5.3 race; including Kate D'Arcy from Ireland, Ella Li from China, Tomas Amarel from Macau, James Percival-Cooke from Great Britain.