Sacqua Joins the Worlds Sponsorship Team!

ITCA is very pleased to welcome Sacqua as a supporting sponsor for the 2017 Rooster International Topper Worlds!

A SACQUA is a compact, foldable, space-saving, voluminous, stylish storage and loading solution for all boat owners and sailors. It is so versatile it can be used for all sea-sports and any vessel, from a dinghy to a super-yacht.

The SACQUA folds flat to the dimensions of an A3 envelope to fit into a small space & opens out into a rectangular large-bellied receptacle which can hold up to 20 kilograms and has a volume of 70 litres. The perfect solution for all dingy sailors as it will fit all the kit all in one SACQUA! It seals closed quickly and securely with the velcro seal which is ideal for cold, wet fingers or gloves when racing. The carabiner feature clips the SACQUA to the boat or the boat keys to the SACQUA or teams can clip their gear together! Water resistant and wipes clean easily.

A SACQUA is a must have solution for all sea-farers!

Sonja from Sacqua is offering a promotional price for the purchase of a Sacqua Bag, with delivery to the event included.  Avail of the 'Topper Worlds 2017' promotional price at WWW.SACQUA.COM.  Simply use the code ITCWC10 at checkout.