Re-Activate Your Toppers – special offer

How can you increase your fleet of Junior/youth sailing boats? How can you get your old boat going again? The answer is simple, re-activate your Toppers!

With a little bit of know-how and effort, a Topper can easily be restored and re-activated. The ‘Re-Activate your Toppers’ initiative aims to get these boats, or the one hanging about in your back garde, back on the water at your Club,. Just click on the link to see how


The boat featured in the film was given by the designer, Ian Proctor, to one of his grandsons in 1980, number 10,000 - we're now nearly on 50,000 boats worldwide. It has been sitting on a slipway down on the River Dart since then.It had growth on the hull and the deck had faded badly, but the great thing about polypropylene is that it's really easy to restore. Just with a bit of effort, white spirit and a heat gun you can make an old boat look virtually brand-new again. There are boats in dinghy parks which are unloved and sometimes abandoned as people don't want to sail them because they look old. However, with just a few hours of work, a boat can be brought back to life, and have the added benefit of having its value restored as well!

Of course, some Toppers only require a small amount of TLC. So, Topper International have prepared a highly subsidised spare parts list so that you can tailor your order for boats that only need one or two bits to get them back on the water again.

Until 1st May 2017 Topper International are doing a special deal for re-activating Toppers for clubs and schools and it's just a really easy way to get those old boats back on the water. The scheme was launched recently at the Suzuki RYA Dinghy Show and it was non-stop with people amazed that this can be done to an old Topper. For further information please contact ITCA via email at

Now is the time to dig out those abandoned Topper hulls, clean them off and turn them back into an exciting sailing boat!