The 2018 Topper Worlds Adventure

Frequently Asked Questions about the Topper Worlds 2018

4 August

Please see the latest newsletter for lots of details on the upcoming Topper Worlds Adventure.  We are doing our best to answer all queries but if you have any more, please email

20 July

Debit cards can be used at ATMs but cannot be used at the hotel; only Credit cards.

Charter Ribs - if you have chartered a rib, it must be paid for in RMB cash, and fuel must be paid for in RMB cash as well.

Requests for and alterations to bookings for the accommodation at the Longcheer Hotel for the Worlds through Michelle are now closed. Any further requests will be passed on to the hotel but without a guarantee that they can can be accommodated.  Contact

15 July

Need some summer kit for China and this unusually warm summer? Our sponsors Rooster will bring their van to the UK Topper Nationals stocked with warm weather gear suitable for China.  See the  leaflet for more details! Thanks Rooster!

11 July

The latest edition of the newsletter has been published with lots of details on the upcoming Worlds in China.

Please enjoy and share!

15 June

Sailing Instructions now available from this link.

12 June Update

Amazing... Entries complete for Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Macau, Malta, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Sudan, Taiwan, Turkey, USA, & Vietnam, reaching our target of 180 international sailors from 20 countries! This plus Chinese entries will make 2018 the largest and most international Topper Worlds ever with 260 sailors! There is a waiting list for any additional potential entries - if boats can be confirmed available, they will be allowed to enter - first come first served. We’d love to welcome as many as possible

Answers to a few more frequently asked questions:-

Hotel address:  Vanke  Longcheer Hotel, Longcheer Yacht club , No.12, Xin Dong road, Da peng Xin qu, Shen Shenzhen, Guang dong


Saturday 11 August - Departures Begin

Sunday 12 August - Arrivals begin, transfers to Longcheer Yacht Club & Hote.  Optional Hong Kong Pre-tour.

Tuesday 14 August - Registration and measurement

Wednesday 15 August - Registration and measurement, Opening ceremony

Thursday 16 - Tuesday 21 August - Racing.  5 days racing over 6 days with a lay day built in in case of inclement weather.

Tuesday 21 August - Prizegiving and closing ceremony.  First transfers to Hong Kong Airport.

Wednesday 22 August - Optional post tours to China & Hong Kong.  Transfers to Hong Kong airport.

Saturday and Sunday 25th & 26th August - flights home from tours.

Monday 27th August - Everyone should be home.... and resting after the big trip :)


Updated 27 April 2018

Hello Topper Sailors and supporters!  Spring brings with it continued excitement about the Meisha Campus Topper Worlds Adventure 2018.  We are delighted that participants from over 15 countries have committed to attend!

Online entry is now open, and the entry fee is currently £240.  Early entry would be greatly appreciated to ease organisation.  Remember from 24 May the entry fee will rise on a sliding scale.

Entries made from China should not be made through the ITCA World Entry System and will not be accepted.  Entries from individuals living in, or organisations based in China should be made through the CYA entry system which will be available shortly.  Entries from Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan Province will continue to be accepted through the ITCA World Entry System.

Accommodation in Longcheer

A brand new, state of the art Hotel is being built for the event for the use of sailors and supporters of the Topper Worlds. The hotel is in the final stages of construction and will be completed in June.  They do not have an online booking service available yet, so ITCA will be compiling all booking details for parties attending.

We have been advised of the following details:-

Hotel rooms will sleep up to 4 and are all en-suite with rooms priced at £60 per room per night, including breakfast.

Camp rooms sleep up to 11, with a minimum occupancy of 8.  Camp rooms are priced at £9 per person per night and include breakfast. 

Booking for the hotel will be made through ITCA.  Payment will be made direct to the hotel in China.  Please fill a request form per party.  This will collect accommodation and transfer details as well as allergies & dietary requirements.

There will be plenty of accommodation and we do not recommend booking alternative accommodation.  If parties do book alternative accommodation, they will be responsible for their own transfers to/from Longcheer to their hotel.  Please bear in mind that it is difficult/not recommended to rent a car in China.

Transfers to/from Hong Kong Airport to Longcheer

There will be organised bus transfers from Hong Kong Airport to Longcheer.  ITCA is helping to provide information to Vanhang to help them arrange scheduled transfers.

To that end, the form has a section requesting when you would request to be transferred.  This is especially important if you have booked any of your travel independently / are thinking of spending an extra night in Hong Kong / etc.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

If your transfer is outside scheduled dates/times, Vanhang/ITCA will supply you with contact details for a reputable taxi company. 

Allergies or Dietary Restrictions?

We are keenly aware of allergies and dietary restrictions, and want to make sure everyone is catered for appropriately.  Please mention these in the section of the form.  We will be preparing cards in Chinese to be shown at restaurants for anyone with a dietary restriction or suffering from an allergy.

What to expect – food

Chinese food is generally very different to that provided in western Chinese restaurants. Do not expect exactly the same things you would expect in your home country.  If you have particular preferences, e.g. specific cereals, bars, cordials, etc. it would be best to bring some from home.

Breakfasts will be supplied at the hotel as part of the room rate.  Breakfast buffets in China often include noodles, fish, and other Chinese items that most wouldn’t expect, but there is also plenty of food and fruit that westerners will eat.

There will be a Western and a Chinese restaurant in the hotel.  At the nearby fishing village, menus are being interpreted and a western style options are being organised. 

A regular shuttle bus will be run to and from Dapeng Village where there are many shops, supermarkets and restaurants, including western fast food restaurants.

It would be a good idea to practice using chopsticks as many restaurants do not have forks!

What to expect – weather

August is one of the warmest months of the year in Shenzhen with temperatures ranging from 25 to 35 degrees C.  Sun protection will be imperative so please bring plenty of your preferred sun cream.  August is also one of the wetter months, so an umbrella or light raincoat is recommended.

What sailing kit should I bring?

This will be warm weather sailing, so rash vests, lightweight hikers, light spray tops, gloves and boots are recommended.  Long sleeve rash vests have the added advantage of shielding from the sun.  Aquafleeces should not be required.  Longcheer has enough buoyancy aids for all competitors and parents; these may not have pockets.  If you prefer you can bring your own buoyancy aid.

Rooster has recommended an ideal range of products for use in China, available from

Ideal Rooster Kit for Hot China: (All products available via

Mid Layer: Pro Rash Legs OR Thermaflex LongJohn 1.5mm (Both these products can use the Rooster Pro Hike Pads)

Base or only top layer: Long Sleeve Rash Vest or Thermaflex Top 1.5mmTop Layer: (In case of colder days and to keep in the front of the boat)  - Classic or Pro Lite Aquafleece

Footwear: Pro Laced Boots for feet with a pair of Polypro Socks

Hands: Dura Pro 5 or 2 Finger Cut Gloves

Buoyancy Aid: Overhead Buoyancy Aid

Internet access

There is great wifi on site at Longcheer – even on the water!

In China, internet access is strictly controlled by the government.  Some programmes that are banned or restricted include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsapp, Google (including Google docs and Google Mail), etc.  International Roaming charges are also quite high. 

The locals use an App called WeChat for messaging; this is a free download and it works throughout the world, so will allow you to keep in touch with home and with others at the event.  It is best to download prior to departure as this is difficult to do once in China.

Travel Insurance

You must have adequate travel insurance to travel to the event and for racing cover for your sailor.  Please ensure you have travel insurance sourced from your country and that it includes dinghy racing for sailors and £2,000,000 personal liability, which may be an endorsement to the policy.

Entry Process

The NOR for the Meisha Campus International Topper Class Association World Championships has been published, and online entry is now open.  Please click on the following links to access:-

Notice of Race 2018 Topper Worlds

ITCA World Entry System

Guidance on the Entry Process 

Please note:  for this event, as boats are supplied equipment, you can enter 999 as your championship number and sail number.  We will amend with the correct details once you are assigned a boat.

Entries made from China should not be made through the ITCA World Entry System and will not be accepted.  Entries from individuals living in, or organisations based in China should be made through the CYA entry system which will be available shortly.  Entries from Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan Province will continue to be accepted through the ITCA World Entry System.


Please check your Passports & renew them if necessary.  They must have 6 months after the date of return i.e. Expire after Feb 2019.

Balance Payments

Balance payments for travel arrangements booked through Travel Counsellors are due in March 2018.  You can download and log-on the APP for Travel Counsellors  'MYtc' and use your password to see your balance and make payment.

Tours of Hong Kong & China

Travel Counsellors have created the following leaflets on tours:-

Pre-Tour of Hong Kong

Post-Tour of China

Post-Tour of Hong Kong


Please note that the visa for China cannot be applied for until 3 months before departure, so there is no need to apply at present.

More details on the event to come soon!


Updated information August 2017

China 2018 Preview Video

What's around the 2018 Worlds - presentation from Vanhang Sailing

China 2018 Booklet - detailed information



China Worlds logo 2018 - full colour.png


Generous sponsorship to grant recipients include a travel grant, visa grant, transfers, discount on accommodation, charter boats and as well as breakfasts, lunches and entertainment during the event.  The grant scheme organised by Vanke will be open to Topper sailors who are regularly competing in the boat and are members of their National Topper Class Associations.  There are limited grants per country, recipients to be determined by their NTCA.





The Topper Class has seen explosive growth in China, as seen by the 30 participants in the 2016 World Championships, up from 3 the year before. ITCA (China) hopes to send an even larger team to the 2017 World Championships in Loctudy, France.  The Chinese Yachting Association Youth Regatta took place in Sanya from 9 - 11 February 2017 and was comprised of 66 Topper sailors and 58 Optimists, the first year that the Toppers will be the predominant class. Three ITCA (World) representatives visited the event on the way to Longcheer, Shenzhen, which is the proposed venue for the 2018 Topper World Championships.

You can download a report on the First School Regatta in Shenzhen here.

A leaflet provided by Long Cheer on the area is available here.