International Topper Class Association

The International Topper Class Association (ITCA) provides an umbrella organisation for the numerous National Topper Class Associations (NTCAs) across the world.  Its role is to promote international sailing and the International Topper in particular in fast, fun, fair and competitive sailing in a brilliant dinghy for junior, youth and small adult sailors.

ITCA World Championships 2017

Cercle Nautique de Loctudy, Brittany, France

July 22nd to 28th 2017

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Registration & Measurement at the Topper Worlds

With preparation for the Rooster International Topper Class World Championships in Loctudy well under way, registration opened early this morning

Sacqua Joins the Worlds Sponsorship Team!

ITCA is very pleased to welcome Sacqua as a supporting sponsor for the 2017 Rooster International Topper Worlds!

Topper Daggerboard Repairs

Back in the mists of time (before Progrip and daggerboard elastic taken to the bow) daggerboard were held up with a piece of bungy cord that wrapp


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